Learn To Drive! Parent Taught - Teen Driver Education

State of Texas Department of Licensing  & Regulation approved Course # PT210


Our price includes the FULL course required by the state of Texas: 32 hours of online classroom work, 14 hours of material to help you instruct your teen behind the wheel, and helpful checklists to complete the 30 hours of logged practice required for a license.

Get your permit

Take your permit test in as little as 3 days. Complete the first 6 hours and take the written test required by DPS for a permit. This test is part of the online course. NO test at DPS, just a paperwork exchange.

All certificates emailed within 24 hours

We know you want to get on the road quickly. It is our promise to send you the certificates needed for the permit and later for the license quickly, usually within a few hours.

Teaching harder than you thought?

If you and your teen are struggling with the behind the wheel portion we can help. Contact us to transfer to your local driving school.

DPS Road Test

We are authorized to administer the official DPS road test. Less stress, more convenient, and available when you are...nights and weekends. If you do not live in the San Antonio area we may be able to help you find a testing facility in your area.

Our Parent Taught course has everything you need to teach your teen to drive with one simple price. No extra fee for the certificates, no extra fee for email delivery, and no extra fee for services you do not really want or need.

After you and your teen enroll in the course, we will provide you with information on how to become your teen’s instructor. It requires state approval and you must order the Parent Taught Program Guide from TDLR for an additional, separate, $20. You must be approved before you can teach your teen.

Easily pass the included DPS written test in as little as 3 days. REMEMBER: You can be 14 to start the course but you must be 15 to get a permit.

Gather your legal documents.

Make an appointment at your nearest DPS office. dps.texas.gov

Get to driving!

Now that you have your permit, let’s get you driving!

The I Am Road Ready Course is designed to help you teach your teen. The  in-car portion consists of 14 hours with the parent as the instructor. 

If driving with your teen is harder than you thought and not what you expected, reach out and we can help.

Drive everywhere and every chance you get.

Complete the 30 hours with a parent for practice. This must be officially logged with 10 of the 30 hours being at night.

Just before your road test, watch the Impact Texas Young Drivers Video

You have a choice when it comes time to take your road test.

Try a less stressful, more convenient option of testing with your DPS authorized, local, driving school. 

Make sure you have completed all of the requirements for driver education.