Affiliate Program

We have the largest network of Texas Driver Education schools working together to provide this online course.Texas

We own a driving school, right here in Texas. We understand how driver education works in Texas and help over 4000 teens every year obtain driver licenses. We believe our online courses are a great fit your a busy teen’s life!

This course is a great idea for a local club, organization or program looking to raise some money. We have designed our Affiliate program so that you simply place a link on your website, we track enrollments that  from your site, and you get PAID.

  • ALL teens must take driver education in order to get a license.  Over 50% of teens in Texas do Parent Taught Driver education and they almost all use an online course like ours to. help with the classroom training.
  • All you do is place our link on your website, encourage teens in your school area to go to your website to get started with driver training. They click, register and you get paid a commission.
  • Help your organization earn money, use our Parent Taught Course as a fundraiser.
  • Real, live, readily available technical support for your online students.
  • Parent Taught Affiliate program. You place our course link and earn a commission for every registered student that comes from your website.

Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 877-378-3748 and we can give more details.