TEEN Parent Taught Teen Driver Education Course

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The I AM ROAD READY Parent Taught Driver Education course was written by State of Texas, certified, licensed, Driver Education Instructors.  The content is relevant, interesting, applies to today’s driving conditions, and will prepare you to pass the examination required in order to obtain a driver license in the state of Texas.

The first 6 hours of this course will prepare you for the written test required to obtain a Texas Learner’s License or Permit. After that you will continue to work on and complete the full 32 hours of content required to obtain a Texas Driver License.

REMEMBER: Whomever wishes to be your official driving instructor must first apply with the state and qualify to be your driver education instructor. If there is a problem, and they do not qualify, please contact us so that we can help and give you options.

Teen Hour 4


Teen Hour 5


Teen Hour 15


TEEN Parent Taught Teen Phase 2 & 3


Other Lessons

Teen 0a5 How to Navigate

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The following are a series of screen shots showing the basic navigation tools available in this system. We hope you find this helpful. Monitoring Your Progress When you are in…

Teen 0a2 Getting Started

Length: 1 minutesAuthor: iamrr

To participate in the Parent Taught Driver Education program, you must complete these steps: First, determine if you are eligible to be an instructor. Parents are responsible for checking whether…

Teen 0a3: Roles & Responsibilites

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Roles and Responsibilities The following section explains what each entity, as well as the parent-instructor, are responsible for: Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides an Online Driver Record Request…

Teen 0a4: Things to Know

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Things You Need to Know You must purchase the Request for Parent Taught Driver Education Instructor Designation Service Application from TDLR ($20). You have already purchased a state approved parent…